Clean lines form with expressive geometry...

Client: Aesop

A corporate film for a pharmaceutical company that explore how Syncera can streamline surgical processes by avoiding the common obstacles often encountered.

The agency approached us with a sketched storyboard and script and asked us to visualise their concept.  Our director Simon proposed a fully 3D route to create the clean and crisp feel the client’s mood boards had intonated.  

This route also allowed for more freedom – pivotal in figuratively illustrating the flexibility the product offers to its users. 

We looked at how the four main words: Waste, Mismatch, Cost and Training Time could be physically interpreted using shape and space that would, along with the words themselves, become physical objects the lines had to negotiate.  So Waste becomes a vortex sucking lines into it, Costs spiral up and out of control whilst Mismatch twists into a maze the lines must fit through if they are to progress…



Design & Direction:

Simon Armstrong

Additional Art Direction:

Jun Iwakawa

Agency / sript:



  • Design
  • Animation & Production
  • Audio

Adapting to change...

Initially our designs wre going to be purely using geometry, with the text treated as motion graphic overlays.  The agency felt the word needed to be embedded into the actual landscape so we found ways to accomodate this.