A short quirky animation that highlights the dangers you never knew were there in everyday life...

Client: BBC Ideas

Our friends at Coasthouse asked us to work with them in realising their idea they had successfully pitched to the BBC Ideas channel.  The premise was simply to illustrate some of the surprising ways we could die based on actual sourced facts.

From a huge selection of data the commissioning editors at the BBC wanted to hone the surprising deaths to those that we really do skirt everyday. 

We created the look and feel and subsequent animation based on their script.  Working with Martin from Coasthouse, our director Simon came up with some fun everyday scenarios, that gave more jeopardy than one might expect from simple everyday activities. 

The style of the characters was created to reflect the simple stick man figures that adorn various warning signs throughout the world, whilst the colour palette was kept minimal [ utilising BBC Ideas brand ] to give it a stylised, info-graphic flare with character.



Design & Direction:  

Simon Armstrong


Martin Sadofski


Coasthouse Productions


  • Character Design
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Editing
  • Social Media Re-versioning

Adding depth to death...

Initially we set out to animate this in pure 2D using After Effects and the Rubber Hose plugin.  But as we started playing with the animation, Simon wanted to explore a little more dynamic movement within the simple two dimensional worlds.  The juxtoposition between the two aesthetics worked really well, and after the base rig was completed creating a whole suite of characters was quick and very fun.

Each shot was composed to work just as well without motion...