A web series showing 

Client: Redbull

A series of animated graphics illustrating how the human body moves and reacts during extreme stunts.

The series featured snowboarding, skateboarding, wind surfing, ski jumping, BMX, cliff diving, kite surfing, parkor and many other stunts.  We manually animated our marionette from supplied footage for each one!

We took inspiration from actual skeleton-socket mechanics to create fluid movement and replaced bones with springs to draw focus on pressure points.  We also utilised the crash test dummy cross symbol on joints to clearly visualise rotational motion.

Over 40 two minute long web friendly videos were produced for Red Bulls website and mobile market.



Design & Direction:

Simon Armstrong

Video Editing:

Brendan Smale


  • Design
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation

Extreme reality...

What was most important was to acurately reflect the stunts from the footage we were given.

To ensure both the movements were realistic and illustrated clearly - we crafted the body using the true socket types of the human skeleton.  This grounded the rotations into reality whilst it clearly illustrated the type of movement the body was undertaking.

Adding the crash test dummy cross hairs both accentuated the movement whilst providing a not so subtle nod to the extreme / dangerous aspects of these stunts.

It really was a mammoth project...