An educational app that entertains...

Client: Studio

When Jun showed us his next short he was working on – our Creative Director got rather excited.  Not only was it such a departure from Jun’s hi tech and ultra-detailed style, but the characters and idea were so engaging.  The idea quickly formed from a fun short animation into our first foray into the app market.

We brought in the help of Tom Southworth to help realise our ambitions, and that he did!

Working in Unity to enable cross platform compatibility, we re-created Jun’s animations in 3D to import into Unity, creating a more robust and much smaller sized app. 

Jun set to work creating an intuitive Ui that was both easy to use and non intrusive to the core of the game: teaching kids to create simple looping beats through fun, practice and experimentation.

View our microsite here.



Design & Direction:

Jun Iwakawa

Co-direction & Production:  

Simon Armstrong

Co-Direction & Unity Coder:

Tom Southworth

Music / Audio:

Joel Harrison


  • Concept, Design & UI
  • Animation
  • App Development and Deployment
  • Social Media Campaign inc Microsite

Engage and educate...

Our app encourages children to play and experiment with loops, using visually repeating patterns in the form of vibrant instrumental beasts.

As the track loops - the background washes with colour to create a visually engaging show where the kids can ennjoy watching as well as listening to their creations.