Revealing the whole picture...

Client: The Film and TV charity

In 2019 the Film and TV charity put out a survey to discover the state of mental health in our industry.  Over 9000 people responded, and the stats were quite shocking in comparison to average working environments.  This film focuses on 6 respondents subsequent interviews interspersed with stats revealed from the survey. 

Sara Kenney directed the project, with Lindsey Dryden producing.  We were tasked with visualising the script, storyboarding and animation.

The client wanted something cinematic rather than infographic which is why we chose to create 3D characters in simple environments. 

This film was shown to leaders in the industry as part of a think tank and call to action meeting which has seen organisations now pledging to do more to ensure good working environments are encouraged and help given when needed.

This initiative was called ‘The Whole Picture Program’ and started a series of further campaigns to make the changes so desperately needed. 



Director and Scriptwriter:

Sara Kenney

Animation Design & Direction:  

Simon Armstrong


Lindsey Dryden


  • Character Design
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation

Shattering illusions...

Nearly 9 in 10 people working in our industry have experienced a mental health problem.

Analysis of the underlying causes reveals three areas that interact to create a perfect storm for poor mental health – the conditions of work, the industry’s culture, and its capability to provide support.

Landing in April 2020, the Whole Picture Programme was an evidence-based plan for change. The film and report was shown, and subsiquent commitments were made by Banijay, Channel 4, Disney, Endemol Shine, ITV and Sky, and many others.

... with facts from those within

  • 87% of workers in our industry have experienced a mental health problem, compared with 65% in the general population.
  • Almost 2 in 3 workers in our industry have experienced depression compared with 2 in 5 people nationally.
  • A quarter of workers in our industry have self-harmed, which is three times the average.
  • Over half of workers have considered taking their own life, compared with a fifth on average.
  • Almost two-thirds of workers have considered leaving the industry due to concerns about their mental health.

The Work Foundation has confirmed that these findings

'suggest that there is a mental health crisis within the UK film and television industry'.