How do we make agile working work?

Client: The University of Sussex, NHS and AgiLabs

Our regular client, the University of Sussex, approached us with a challenge: to engage their target audiences and explain the concept of agile working in a simple and accessible manner. They wanted to communicate how agile working can be implemented effectively and highlight its benefits. The main focus was on policymakers, particularly stakeholders like the NHS, but the campaign needed to appeal to a broader audience in the working world as well.

To achieve this, we designed a mini campaign centred around an animation supported by static posters and infographics. Our approach was to create a world of diverse working figures, representing various sectors such as service, manufacturing, social, and storage. 

By doing so, we made sure the animation wasn't limited to one specific industry but instead had relevance across all sectors.

The campaign began with the message that "everyone is different." To effectively showcase the variety in how people work, we utilised colour and shape harmonies. Each working figure was represented by different colours and shapes, symbolizing the uniqueness of individuals and their preferences in work environments.

In conclusion, our mini campaign successfully increased understanding of agile working among policymakers while appealing to a wider audience in the working world. Through engaging visuals and a relatable concept, we effectively communicated the essence of agile working and its positive impact on the modern workplace.




Dr Emma Russell

Design & Direction:

Simon Armstrong


  • Concept Development
  • Scripting
  • Design
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Audio Production
  • Print Mediums [ Infographic and Posters ].

Order exists within chaos...

We really wanted to get across the idea that many organisations are the sum of a lot of very different moving parts, all actioned by very different people. By overlapping them and using dynamic work icons that ‘pop’ in and around in a seemingly haphazard way – the idea that re-organising and adapting such a beast would appear daunting at first…

We created some posters and infographics for use both online and at presentations and seminars.


… and chaos exists within order.

"As the animation progressed, the seemingly chaotic mix of roles, jobs, locations, and tasks started to organize itself. Individuals and groups merged, forming a dynamic calendar that constantly adapted and changed. This allowed for a cleaner, clearer, and more efficient organization where individuals felt at ease with their work."

Simon Armstrong