...Get set, Go!

Client: Goodwood Racecourse

A set of stings to highlight the Goodwood Revival Festival, featuring quirky illustrated characters by Tom Frost.

We were asked to produce a series of viral stings to promote the Goodwood Revival Festival in-keeping with the vintage theme of the event. This light-hearted series of stings feature retro characters highlighting the various activities and 'clobber' to be enjoyed during the festival. 

The original characters were illustrated by our art director Tom Frost and animated with a traditional 2D finish, for that extra charm.

'We love a bit of retro animation at Creative Bloq, 
and Ticktockrobot have really gone to town...'
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Concept & Direction:

Simon Armstrong

Design / Illustration:

Tom Frost


Goodwood Racecourse


  • Concept
  • Storyboarding & Design
  • Animation & Production
  • Audio
  • Social Media Assets

Making art move..

SImon commissioned studio friend Tom Forst to create 6 illustrations of the retro racers, in layered photoshop formats.  When they came in we couldn't have been happier with what he'd done!  The beutifully crafted retro racers embodied everything the festival cherishes.  Simon then set to work rigging the various limbs in afterffects.  The rigid marionette style we adopted to the animation embelished the aesthetic we had set out to achieve.