A film the explores the mental health issues attached to a physical affliction...

Client: Pfizer

Working in collaboration with producer Uli Stein from Ready 2 Use, we crafted a short film that tells the story of a young man struggling to cope with Psoriasis.

Illustrator and Art Director Graham Carter designed the characters, taking extra care to draw a young man who we would see growing over time.  He decided to embellish the clothing making them thick and large like a protective covering.

This helped illustrate someone who was very uncomfortable in their own skin as well as out of place in the world around them.

Simon directed the spot, choosing to realise Graham’s designs in 3D enabling the use of more dramatic and cinematic cameras and lighting.  Using monotone line work and heavy shadows around Grahams heavy coloured boy re-enforced how his illness was controlling him;  the heat and warmth depicted in this world in stark contrast to his heavy jumpers, hat and stance. 

Originally voiced in German [ VO produced by Uli ] we have put up our own English guide VO read here.



Animation & Art Direction:

Simon Armstrong

Character Designs:

Graham Carter

Co- Direction & Production:

Uli Stein

Music / Sfx:

Alejandro Villanueva


  • Concept Development
  • Design & Storyboarding
  • Animation

Beneath the surface...

'We really wanted to create something that had a tactility to it. Although we decided on 3D characters so we could use more cinematic angles and dramatic posing / movement – I really didn’t want the finished article to feel like a Tv commercial.  Using Graham’s character designs and exploring his process – we looked at replicating that and embellishing it for the storytelling purpose – with heavy shadows and delicate line work to create an environment that sits apart from our isolated boy.'

Simon Armstrong