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Client: Pure Gym

Our friends at PR agency Propellernet asked us to bring to life their vison of celebrating the human form for their client Pure Gym.  As we move into a new decade, they wanted to showcase the volume and variety of body shapes throughout history, to show that there is no one single perfect body shape!

Watch: The Pefect Male Body

Watch: The Perfect Female Body

From the ancient Greeks and Romans through to the medieval ages and modern times, the ideal body shape has changed and fluctuated to almost every possible dimension.

We created two 3D models in Maya that could both be animated as a normal rig, but also morph and change, to match the descriptions and reference images supplied to us.  This was great fun to do as it also a wonderful message to share with the world.  Be happy with who you are =and the skin you are in!

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Design & Direction:

Simon Armstrong



Script and Concept:



  • Character Design
  • Animation
  • Social Media assets

All the beautiful people...

We’ve always been fixated on body shape from the beginning of our history. Societies from thousands of years ago have always seemed to hold a particular body form to be the most desirable, for both men and women. But that body form hasn’t been a fixed size or standard, it’s been growing and shrinking and changing to match the influences of each time period.

We also created various still assets for social media use...