New Recruitment tool that helps to see the person behind their CV.

Client: Future Resume

We were tasked with creating an animation and digital campaign to support the launch of a new online recruitment tool. After talking at length with the founders, we decided the best approach to explain what it is and how to use it, was to tell the narrative between two people – a recruitment manager and a job seeker. We wanted to focus on the importance of this relationship from both sides. In finding not only the right person for the job but the right job for the person.

We also created a series of posters for trade magazines and square animated memes for social media that focuses on the Why do we need Future Resume?  These would then inform, guide and support both the website and film.

We worked in partnership with Whitespace Studios, who designed and built the branding and website, supplying character stills and animated looping banners to populate the site, creating a full 3600 package where the product and launch campaign worked synonymously.

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Design & Direction:  

Simon Armstrong



Web Design:



  • Script & Concept
  • Character Design
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Audio
  • Social Media Assets

So what's the problem..?

In over 155 countries, over 85% of employees are unmotivated and disengaged with their work, costing $7 trillion in lost productivity.

This alarming statistic is the very foundation of our latest client’s new start up enterprise, that aims to revolutionise the currently flawed  recruitment process. A process that doesn’t reflect and reveal who a potential employee really is and what they could achieve, but rather
focuses on just their past experiences – the CV.

...An uninspiring environment...

We created an environment of towering filing cabinets surrounding an employee hunched over his desk searching for a dream job. 

The environment needed to be generic so as not to specifically besmirch a certain job role yet remain clear enough to stereotype an environment most of us would not feel inspired to work in.

... An inspiring story!

As a juxtaposition to the oppressive nature of the uninspiring work place we crafted a story of a man dreaming of becoming an architect.

As well as ticking the box of an inspiring career choice it enabled us to craft a conclusion that was baked in light. It’s height and perspective was more aspirational and the towering filing cabinets that represented boredom were replaced with towering skyscrapers and steel girders that symbolised building a new start and reaching greater heights.

Some of the campaign assets we made...