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Client: Coventry University

Remote working has been a much discussed topic the past few years [ for those of you in the future it’s currently 2022 ].  But Coventry University approached us to visualise research into an often forgotten or underrepresented community, that of disabled and neurodivergent people. 

How had working from home affected them?  Had it enabled them to fit into new working cultures or left them feeling more isolated. Did everyone’s experience the same? What had or hadn’t been done that was specific to their needs to help adjust and adapt to this new working environment.

Research into their lived experiences of working remotely had uncovered some different opportunities, barriers, and areas of support specific to this community.  Some were positive as well as negative – and our task was to express them in a way that was sensitive and reflective of what the many hours of interviews and in-depth study had discovered.

We used simple geometric shapes to represent the persons. This way their differences and similarities were expressed through the shapes and how they move within their environments, whilst the colours and themes would cleanly reflect the emotions and narratives being shared.



Design & Direction:  

Simon Armstrong


  • Script & Concept
  • Design & Illustration
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Audio

Emotion through motion...

'We set about storyboarding and visualising different analogies that would express the various outcomes. Whilst colour became key to denoting mood, the action and movements needed to be clean and clear – with simple but strong references that would reflect the described emotions, from feeling overwhelmed and out of control, to calm, adaptive or even bored. These emotions are true of us all and so we needed to tap into this as quickly as possible to get the message home – drawing empathy and understanding from the viewer.'

Simon Armstrong
Creative Director

'We are so appreciative of the work undertaken by Ticktockrobot to illustrate our research, as words were simply not enough for this project. The animation is truly fantastic, and we cannot thank Simon and his team enough for all of their hard work, constructive and creative advice, and above all kindness and enthusiasm to go above and beyond. We hope to share the animation very widely to support our disabled and neurodiverse community of workers.'

Dr Christine Grant, C.Psycol, SFHEA, AFBPsS
Associate Professor, Centre for Healthcare Research, Coventry University