Graham pulls the strings...

Client: Big Pharma

A corporate film for a pharmaceutical company with art direction from Graham Carter.

Debuted at an International medical conference, this animated film harnesses Graham’s imaginative yet humorous direction and vision.  By placing quirky 2D characters into a Jetsons-inspired 3D world, we highlighted the disparity between different trial techniques told through the story of ‘Pete’ and his friends 'Fred, Ned and Ted’....and everyone else.

Silver award [ Film ] 

May 2013 IPA Best of Health Awards

Highly Commended Craft Award [ Film & Animation ] 

Jan 2013 PM Society

Please Note; due to Pharmaceutical Industry Regulations we are unable to show you the video with original audio or client logo.  This is our own version with our own music and script based on no medical evidence or facts, it's just to present our work.



Concept & Direction:

Simon Armstrong & Graham Carter

Art Direction:

Graham Carter

Animation Direction:  

Simon Armstrong


Wooley Pau Gyro


  • Desgn
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation

Colourful language...

'I used colour to denote the positive and negative of the two options presented in the video. Here we see the standard practice using testing centres. The palette was suitably drab, pale and  linical.  The conveyor belt denoting the formulaic and subsequently generic way that data is  collected from the subjects - who themselves all look the same and not a true reflection of a real society. '

Graham Carter

Co-Director / Designer

Embracing the process...

‘We wanted to replicate Grahams’ creative printing processes as that was what drew the client in.  It's also a key stylistic theme in Graham's work which we felt needed to come through in this world.  

We broke the textures in different layers and placed them over one another in the 3D environment.  The very way in which they were used copied not only the aesthetic appearance but the process of applying those layers in itself - giving us those unexpected yet welcome surprises when we rendered the sequences. ‘

Simon Armstrong

Co-Director & Lead Animator