Educating on the misconceptions of Education

Client: Big Change

A fun film that debunks common myths on education using facts - and our lovely animations of course.  We wanted to keep the aesthetic to that of a class room, so it was great fun to create 2D animations that got slightly broken by the textures of a chalk board.

Using stick man aesthetics again hammered home the class room / diagramatical nature we wanted to allude to.

We edited together stock imagery to act as a conclusion to each point in a tongue in cheek way.



Storyboarding, Design & Direction:  

Simon Armstrong


Sundog Pictures

Script and Concept:

Sundog Pictures


Directors Cut Films



  • Storyboarding
  • Character Design
  • Animation
  • Editing

'We commissioned ticktockrobot to make a 5 minute animated campaign film. They responded really creatively to our brief and delivered a quirky, fun animation which conveyed the film’s message in a really engaging way.' 

Anna Cowdry

Production Executive
Sundog Pictures