It takes more than just a plan to build a home...

Client: G3 Architecture

Michael, the principle and founder of G3 Architecture, gave us an open brief with one stipulation. He wanted to create a film that both advertised his firm and its ethos, but also explained to potential customers the full process of what’s involved when you plan to extend your home.

Working with Michael and his team, we dissected all the various facets of the planning and development phase and broke it down into its simplest structure. 

But rather than simply make this a technical explainer, we wanted to add some heart and soul by telling the story of a family aiming to realise their dream home, as a journey such as this is never just a well-trodden process.

It just so happens that Simon, the director, was also in this very same process with his own family home, so there’s a lot he has had to reference from. And yes – he got G3 to create his plans.



Design, Direction & Script

Simon Armstrong


  • Script & Concept
  • Design
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Audio

Home is where the heart is...

It would have been very easy to go with a more technical aesthetic to explain the complex and protracted process of designing and subsequently realising your dream home.

But remodelling your home is an emotional choice, so Simon and the team focused on creating a feeling of warmth and safety using bright colours and shafts of sun light to evoke the feelings people have in a home they truly love.