Controlling the creative...

Client: Nexus Agency

Our close friends at Nexus Design asked us to create a welcome film for their prospective clients. The brief was that it had to reflect the brand and its core values; design, adaptability, originality and collaboration.

Our Creative Director Simon took the helm on this one – conceiving a blank landscape that evolved and changed around an idea – 

highlighting how those initial thoughts can get lost and spiral out of control, before being guided by Nexus to fulfil and arrive at their goal destination.

After talking with Nexus’ head of creative, James, to understand the thought process and structure behind the logo, we designed an aesthetic that yoked the branding and it’s ethos – using multiple sketch lines to form a outline, which in turns becomes a strong direction that alters the landscape to form an actuality.  This visual approach comes full circle, ultimately revealing the clients logo.



Design & Direction:

Simon Armstrong


  • Concept & Scripting
  • Storyboarding & Design
  • Animation & Production
  • Audio

Trying to guide a concept...

We had a lot of fun finding ways to take the idea, a yellow dot, and push, pull and guide it through various abstract structures.  Each 'event' needed to reprersent the script without becoming too litteral.  The concept is that an idea can really go anywhere and Nexus are there to help guide it for their clients, so we needed to feel like the fate of the dot isn't written and it's journey is a carefully nurtured process of discovery and adaption.