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Client: Northumbria University

We have had the pleasure on working on a lot of projects that discuss the ‘new normal’ – working remotely or from home.  It has offered both positives and negatives – all depending on everyone’s individual circumstance. 

When Northumbria University approached us about illustrating their research – we were intrigued by another option they had explored.  The possibility that rural areas could see a growth in remote workers, who can leave their city lives in search of a potentially ‘greener’ one in the countryside. 

More specifically – again combating a common negative theme of remote working [ and often rural locations ] – that of isolation, by encouraging companies and agents to create co-working hubs.

Places where companies and individuals can create not just centres outside city office towers to work and collaborate, but where communities can also grow and benefit from the new influx and opportunities that come with it.

We created a 3 min film that discussed the findings and potential of these hubs.  As the clear distinction was a rural setting, we decided to embrace that by using various native woodland animals to illustrate the points being discussed. 

Using geometric patterns and the influence of a multiple nuclei model [ A level geography coming in useful there! ] we built the animals in a iconographical way, with the different patterns used to build them overlapping and mixing, breaking away from the regimented and sometimes restrictive structure of cities.



Design & Direction:  

Simon Armstrong


  • Script & Concept
  • Design & Illustration
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Audio

We wanted the stills to feel like illustrations in their own right...

All the animals were designed and built over grids,

with town planning and map grids as the inspiration.