A humourous take on the perils of new parenthood!...

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As a rough guide to caring for a newborn baby, Handle With Care combines factual information with the imagination and personal experiences of Director and first-time Father, Jun Iwakawa. The resulting visual interpretation plays out on the form of a humorous, often warped, infographic.

Split across nine categories: Bonding, Sleeping, Feeding, Poo/Wee, Bathing, Clothing, Playing, Transporting and First Aid, this is a whistle stop tour of practical data and tips which leaves the viewer to decide what is fact and what is most certainly not.

We precursored the release of the film with a successful film circuit run and social media campaign, releasing video bugs of the some of the lessons beforehand. 

Handle With Care was incredibly well received, finalist for not one but two British Animation Awards for Best Motion Graphics [ against Aardman and Channel 4 ] and the Public Choice Award, featured in Stash Media's permanent collection, as well as garnering a coveted Vimeo Staff Pick to boot. 

Well done Jun and team!



Writer / Director / Animator:

Jun Iwakawa

Additional Direction:  

Simon Armstrong


Jun Iwakawa & Samantha Armstrong

Additional 2D animation:

Thomas Malins

Additional 3D animation:

Leo Fernandes


Sonya Iwakawa


Clas Tuuth

Soundign & Mixing:

James Locke-Hart


Look at the shiny awards!