One size doesn't fit all!

Client: University of Sussex / East Sussex County Council

Many would agree that 2020 changed the world forever, as a result of the pandemic. What certainly did change for good was the realisation that the home was now a viable location to work.  Regular clients University of Sussex had, on behalf of East Sussex County Council, conducted research into the effects of working from home, and provided a tool set to help employers and employees get the most of this now more common way of working.

We were tasked with creating two animations to highlight their findings in brief. The first film focuses on the results of the survey, the second film then focussed on how employers could effectively manage and assist their staff when working in the home environment.

These animations were supported with a series of posters, social media vignettes and infographics to capture and lead the audience to the council’s site, where the full research could be found.

These supporting assets focussed on the key areas of balance, isolation, environment, travel, focus and career.

Using Maya we created a small suite of unique fully rigged 3D characters and their environments, to illustrate the common theme that everyone and their circumstances are different, and so there is no one size fits all approach.

Play film 01

Play film 02



Design & Direction:  

Simon Armstrong

Rigging and Set Up:

Joao Rocha


  • Script & Concept
  • Character Design
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Audio
  • Social Media and Campaign Assets

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with ticktockrobot and would not hesitate to involve them in future projects. Simon was extremely responsive and kept us up to date, and on track, throughout the work. The ticktockrobot team had fantastic creative suggestions that really helped to bring our research to life making it accessible and engaging for a wider audience, and the animations themselves were incredibly impressive and professional. Thanks so much Simon and team!

Faith Orchard PhD

Lecturer in Psychology
University of Sussex

Some of the campaign assets we made...

Variety is the spice of life...

“The fact that what was underpinning this project was the pandemic was very real to us.  We know it has affected people of all backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities. So, we wanted to ensure that was captured with our characters. We didn’t have the budget or indeed time within the scope of the project to create a full world of people – so we tried our best to create as much inclusivity as possible.

A key factor as well was colour. We wanted this to be rich and layered – with a multitude of tones and hues to again encapsulate the fact that one size does not fit all and the emotions, situations, and results of working from home were as varied as the people experiencing them.

Simon Armstrong

Creative Director