Me, Marionette

Client: Graham Carter

A viral campaign featuring a series of animations and microsite to promote Graham Carter's solo show.

Drawing inspiration from the tale of ‘Pinocchio,’ this series of animated shorts tells the story of three marionettes; The Warrior, The Explorer and The Astronaut.  The films follow the characters as they journey through far off, fantastical lands travelling to a final secret destination, the show.

The characters individual journeys evoked Grahams journey to completion as he explored new themes and styles, most notably animation as this was his first foray into directing. The three stories were seamlessly sewn together for a full film debuted at the shows Private View, with a familiar Carter character making his debut appearance.

Concept/Design/Direction:       Graham Carter
Co-Direction: Simon Armstrong
Animation: Simon Armstrong
Music: Richard Spiller
Web Build: Stephen Elford


  • Animation
  • Design
  • Production
  • Web Site
  • Social Media Campaign


We really didn't want to alter Graham's original work in any way - but rather give it just an
extra diemnsion so his puppets could move and perform as marionettes in their own space.

Importing Graham's [ heavilly layered ] source PSD files in Aftereffects - we set about
separating each alyer in Z Depth so that when lighting was added - Graham's illustrations
felt as if they were puppets shows coming to life on a stage.