Angels and Ghosts - The Brain Room

Here we find out more about her brothers' affliction and discover how to help them. To mirror this we decided to create the website using the same room so visitors could step into the same world to find the information they needed.  The room represents Amber’s brain scouring the internet.  The Internet was represented by a circular wall of endless filing cabinets, giving the impression of an endless sea of information.

Using filing cabinets gave a wonderfully classic analogue feel to the environment, coupled with steam vents, wood walls and ladders on runners. Blue glows signified the digital energy of the Internet, and also of Amber's brain as she discards or stores information in a central cluster of knowledge i.e. her brain.

This is the only scene with it's own full 3D environment built.  It allowed us to physically explore the space with a larger sense of reality - which was important in brining the audience with amber on her journey.

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