Client: Studio

For 3 years scientists and experts have been looking at our natural world today. This film through the voices of those it will affect most, children, explains what they found.

Rich visuals showing what appears to be the beauty of our natural world, eventually reveals the physical mark we leave on our world when all that is natural has gone.

Directed by Simon Armstrong, the voice over is by the two very people who inspired him to make it, his daughters.

Music track is No Choice by the amazing Pilot Priest.

Design & Direction:   Simon Armstrong
Script: Simon Armstrong
Music: Pilot Priest


  • Design
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Compositing
  • Production
  • Voice Over

Fact not fiction


The influence behind each animal and it’s environment
was the harrowing and alarming facts discovered and
highlighted by the UN’s 2019 report on our environment

Natural layers


We wanted to created a moving breathing piece that was embed
with natural textures and atmosphere. We didn’t have time to texture
each model individually so Simon decided to run various passes
through smoke and ink footage plates. This gave each shot a more
‘natural’ aesthetic as well as additionally suggesting, with the mixed
opacities and blending, the idea the creatures were all becoming
a hazy memory.