Three D

Client: Boxbird Gallery

Director Simon Armstrong series of shorts to promote Boxbird Gallery’s show ThreeD, featuring Helen Musselwhite, Graham Carter and TomFrost. Each animation will work with a different artist from the show, exploring how moving from the 2D world to the 3D world opens new possibilities and allows the subjects of these shorts to pass on the invite to the show. 

To open the series, Simon works with Graham on an Esher inspired idea the pair have been dying to try out for a while.

The second is this collaboration with renowned illustrator Helen Musselwhite. It was another first as Helen's work had never been animated before.  Helen's infamous Owls partake in a more literal chinese whispers.

The final celebrates both the opening of the show and Tom's love of the old, retro and mechanical.

Concept & Direction:       Simon Armstrong

Helen Musselwhite

Graham Carter

Tom Frost

  • Concept
  • Animation
  • Design
  • Production