The Totem

Client: Studio

We wanted to create a brand that had visual ties to our main identity but also separated it in terms of tone. We took the head from our logo identity robots and crafted a totem pole from them.  The heads on this pole could then be used to either reflect a project on the site [the pole itself being a navigator] or one of the many services we offer. 

In the promo video and subsequent social media vignettes / bugs - the totem builds in pre-empt to its launch. Each time a new head lands on top of the pole it creates a ripple of digital deformation in the landscape around it, with each deformation different from the last.  This represented both our adaptable nature and multifaced approach to any project.

If ticktockrobot is the more analogue approach [ we start with pen and paper first ] - the totem is our digital counterpart. 

Design & Direction: Simon Armstrong
Web Build Nexus Create



  • Concept and Storyboarding
  • Design
  • Animation
  • Audio Production
  • Social Media Assets and Dissemination


The construction of the site mimics the brandings totem pole structure. 
Each project is stacked ontop of the previous, with the totem pole acting
as a preview and navigator.

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