Dreams Advertising Campaign

Client: Dreams Ltd

A TV advertising campaign to highlight the unique selling points of Dream's services and products.

We created a series of animations, as well as a promotional micro site, featuring our whimsical character creation 'Sleepy Ed' inspired by a head resting on a pillow. 

Telling the story through the guise of a sleep aid tape and the subsequent dream, our character discovers the benefits of Dream's products and services, resulting in a better night’s sleep. 

Voiced by the late great Richard Briars, we also created a microsite and various campaign assets including bumpers, end tags and graphic branding. 

Concept/Design/Direction:       Simon Armstrong
Animation: Simon Armstrong & Chris Daw
Music/ Sound effects: Nick Crofts & Paul Stroud
Narration: Richard Briars
Web Build: Stephen Elford

  • Concept
  • Animation
  • Design
  • Production
  • Web Site
  • Campaign


The worlds were crafted to form from a dream. These are often built from distorted memories of
our waking reality. Since the focus was the bedroom I designed the worlds to form that specific
world - more specifically the wallpaper pattern.  

The aesthetic purposefully mimicked the children’s TV programs of old - especially classic such as
The Magic Roundabout.  We wanted to keep a magical, family friendly feel to the ads in keeping
with the company’s ethos. 

The lighting needed have a night time hue yet still feel warm and cosy. The soft shadows mixed
with bright over exposed colours gave a feeling of both whilst helping transport the viewer away
from the original location.

Simon Armstrong - Designer and Director