Angels and Ghosts

Client: Wowbagger Productions & The Wellcome Trust

Based on a true story, our award-winning short Angels and Ghosts tells the true emotive tale of Amber, a young woman who is on a quest to find her brothers who have disappeared. Narrated by Oscar nominated actress Samantha Morton, the adventure explores the potent themes of mental health and family bonds, revealing what it’s like to have a family member affected by psychosis.

Director Sara Kenney has first-hand experience of knowing people who have had psychotic episodes and wanted to tell a story which reflects both the patient and family perspective.  Funded by The Wellcome Trust and created in association with Wowbagger Productions, we designed, storyboarded and animated Sara's passionate script.  We also designed and built a website and marketing materials to engage and encourage the audience to learn more about the issues raised by the film.

Written & Directed by:      Sara Kenney
Narration: Samantha Morton
Art Direction: Graham Carter
Animation Direction: Simon Armstrong
Project Production: Duncan Copp
Animation Production: Samantha Armstrong
Website: Stephen Elford

  • Animation
  • Design
  • Logo, Poster and Marketing Design
  • Editing
  • Production
  • Web Site
  • Virals