Phil Weyman

Illustrator & Director

Phil [aka Mister Phil] lives and works in the lively seaside city of Brighton (and Hove).

A mix of brain splurge and crafted composition, Phil’s loose hand and free style allows him to create vivid landscapes of shape, character and detail that at first glance are fascinating and chaotic [ in the fun sense! ] and on closer inspection reveal subtle stories and detailed worlds, as well as the occasional robot.

He likes to doodle on a variety of things and his work has been used in campaigns for Tumblr, Vitamin Water and The National Gallery amongst others, as well as giant snails!

Clients include:
Tumblr  |  Computer Arts Magazine  |  The National Gallery  |  Ogilvy & Mather  |  Lost Pier Brewing  |  Simon Mills  |  Fable & Co  |  Bite the Ballot  |  Barry White Associates  |  Finished Weekly