Jun Iwakawa

Designer, Animator & Director

Our motion graphics guru as well as a seasoned animation director, Jun is adorned with much accolades from the press and festival circuit.  Nominated for Best Motion Graphics and Best Short Film at the biennial British Animation Awards 2014, for his short film, 'Handle With Care', his second film also won a coveted Vimeo staff pick and became part of the Stash Media catalogue. 

His 2010 directorial debut 'Paper Daydream' was received with great applause, shown at many festivals including Cutout, Animation Block Party (winning best original design), DC Independant Film Festival ( winning best animation), London Short Film Festival and Encounter's 2010 Official Selection to name a few.

Jun's work is highly detailed and very precise.  His animation and motion graphics sublimely mix sharp, vibrant movement with intricate elements interspersed with a variety of mixed media and often a splash of humour to top it off.

Clients include:
Nike | Metallica | AKQA | BBC | Hewlett Packard | Cartoon Network | NBC Universal | Syfy | Hi-Tec | Ericsson | Shell | Nokia | Sky Sports | MTV | Channel 4 | Fat Cat Records | Fiat | Red Bee Media