Angels and Ghosts - The Robot

This was a real collaborative effort between Simon and Graham.  The general look mimicked the Brain Room [post coming soon!] in texture and colour, using a digital vs. analogue theme. It also alluded to how Amber's imagination is lead by this robot, a strong anchor for her fond memories.

The robot had to shift in scale and purpose throughout the story so we needed to create a figure that was adaptable yet recognisable. The toy and the remote had traditional sizes and features such as power switches and wind up keys, again re-enforcing the analogue vs. digital motif.  When the robot is re - imagined by the children its design replicates that of a child's imagination; over the top and on a grand scale with non sensical yet sensational slot machine rollers on its chest; utilising the theme of form over function. When Amber re - imagines him as a protector, the scale and design is tempered by that of an adult’s imagination. The cockpit is functional and the hands are cumbersome but essential to its purpose of fighting, and remaining in control. There are brash spikes and heavy shoulders to represent its strength; yet the open cockpit and the retracted neck denote a certain frailty to the machine, much like the protagonist who imagined him.

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